Environmental benefits that make sense. Commercial benefits that count.

ReWaste provides an affordable, responsible alternative to landfill.

If your business generates organic waste, we can assist you in reducing your disposal costs to landfill. Your waste will have a useful purpose, generating renewable energy.

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Turning organic waste into renewable energy

The ReWaste facility is one of the first of its kind in Australia. It offers a sustainable way to manage organic waste streams while providing environmental outcomes for the future.

We have the capacity to process up to 33,000 tons of organic waste per year, around 140 tons per day.

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From waste to biogas to our power grid

ReWaste extracts biogas from organic waste — such as fruit and vegetable scraps, fats, oils and greases, dairy and animal processing waste — and uses anaerobic digestion to turn it into energy. This is used to power both the facility itself and Yarra Valley Water’s waste treatment plant next door.

Excess energy is exported to the grid and helps reduce Yarra Valley Water’s overall power usage.